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VST ECS Signs New VMware Distribution Agreement with Broadcom

May - 22 - 2024

VST ECS has signed a new regional distribution agreement with Broadcom for VMware solutions, covering ASEAN and China


Sonicwall TZ Series Firewalls

May - 20 - 2024

The SonicWall TZ Series is designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and branch locations.


Sonicwall NSA Series Firewalls

May - 16 - 2024

The SonicWall NSa Series next-gen firewalls provide mid-to-large-sized businesses and organizations with robust protection against modern cyber threats.


Workflows are smoother in the cloud

Apr - 24 - 2024

Make it right before you make it real. Digitize your inspection and work order forms for oversight and analysis.


Autodesk 3ds Max Enhancements

Apr - 11 - 2024

Whether you’re building expansive gaming worlds or visualizing intricate architectural designs, 3ds Max has the modelling toolset you need to bring your 3D assets to life. Let’s walk through 3dsmax enhancements through the years.


Go beyond design and documentation

Apr - 11 - 2024

Integrated BIM workflows for structural engineering. New and enhanced features in Revit support structural workflows for greater accuracy and efficiency.


Thrive Where Others Cant

Mar - 18 - 2024

Harness peak drive performance and longevity, even under pressure.


Get Quicker Time to Insights

Mar - 15 - 2024

Deliver fast response and low latency to your business with purpose-built architecture.


Optimise Your Data Centre

Mar - 11 - 2024

Harness the unique capabilities of Seagate har drives and controller firmware.


Self-Healing Block Storage

Mar - 01 - 2024

Built Seagate Autonomous Drive Regeneration (ADR), CORVAULT renews drives on the fly.


Unmatched Savings and Sustainability for Block Workloads

Mar - 01 - 2024

Meet the NetApp ASA C-Series



Feb - 26 - 2024

Reduce the cost and complexity of your storage infrastracture with Modular storage system components for any enterprise.


Meet Seagate CorVault

Feb - 23 - 2024

Meet Seagate's CorVault – the fortress for your data!


Guanzon Group Expands, Offerings Inks Dealership Agreement with Sunra Philippines

Feb - 21 - 2024

Guanzon Group, a premier retail chain of stores for motorcycles and phones in the country, has reaffirmed its dedication to innovation and sustainability through a dealership agreement with Sunra Philippines.


Seagate Data Storage Systems

Feb - 19 - 2024

Revolutionize your data storage experience with Seagate's cutting-edge solutions! Unleash the power of seamless storage with our innovative Data Storage Systems. From blazing-fast performance to colossal capacity, we've got your storage needs covered.



Feb - 13 - 2024

Intel Core i7-14700KF Processor 3.4GHz RAM : 16GB DDR5 SO-DIMM *2 GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060TI DUAL 8GB GDDR6 Storage : 1TB SSD+256GB SSD Windows 11 Home + Office Home and Student 2021 - warranty 3Y ON-SITE


Adobe s Price Drop Promotion

Feb - 08 - 2024

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with Adobe’s PRICE DROP Promotion for new customers


Genius SP-925BT

Jan - 29 - 2024

The SP-925BT is built with two powerful speakers housed on two sides of the cube delivering a full range of 360° projected sound plus a passive radiator base driver subwoofer on the bottom pushing out exceptional bass effect.


Huawei Philippines, VST ECS Phils., Inc. Unveil HUAWEI eKit to Accelerate Digital Transformation in SMEs

Jan - 29 - 2024

Taguig City, Philippines – Huawei Philippines, together with its partner, VST ECS Philippines Inc., launched HUAWEI eKit, a digital solution that aims to help distribution partners in the country to continuously explore the small and medium enterprise market, so as to better meet the digital and intelligent transformation requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and end-users.


Compare AutoCAD vs AutoCAD LT

Jan - 26 - 2024

Discover which CAD Software is right for your design workflow



Jan - 22 - 2024

Cloud Security mainly focuses on how to implement policies, processes, and technologies together so they ensure data protection, support regulatory compliance, and provide control over privacy, access, and authentication for users and devices.


AWS X VEEAM: Back Up and DR Plan

Jan - 22 - 2024

Veeam enables customers to ensure availability for any application and any data. Delivers seamless solutions that run on and word with AWS to increase business innovation and agility.


Be ready with Commvault Complete Data Protection with AWS

Jan - 22 - 2024

Commvault complete Data protection optimized to work efficiently within AWS environments, taking advantage of AWS features and services. This allows users to design backup and recovery strategies that align with AWS best practices.


Autodesk New Year Sale up to 20 percent off ends tomorrow

Jan - 18 - 2024

Autodesk Cyber week is back! Get huge discount on Autodesk AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT Annual Subscription. Inquire now!


Autodesk New Year Sale up to 20 percent off

Jan - 16 - 2024

Autodesk New Year Sale up to 20 percent off Enjoy a huge discount when you subscribe to AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT Software


Autodesk Your OpenBIM and IFC Solution.

Dec - 20 - 2023

Let’s hear the last video from Brett Casson on how Revit provides support for IFC data exchange.


Meet the new Surface Laptop Studio 2 for Business

Dec - 19 - 2023

Is your business Looking for a laptop that can handle heavy workloads? #Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2 for Business is our most powerful Surface yet with up to 32 GB of system RAM, powerful Intel ® Core processors and cutting-edge NVIDIA Laptop GPUs packed in a sleek #design.


Revit – Your OpenBIM and IFC Solution

Dec - 19 - 2023

Let’s hear again from Brett Casson on how IFC enables data exchange between Civil 3D and Revit.


Meet the new Surface Laptop Go 3 for Business

Dec - 18 - 2023

Need a secure and reliable business laptop? The new #Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 is a lightweight device that offers unparalled #security and performance with Windows 11.


OpenBIM and IFC for Effortless AEC Collaboration

Dec - 18 - 2023

Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers, check out the latest IFC eBook from Autodesk


Substance in Autodesk 3dsmax

Dec - 11 - 2023

Are you a beginner Artist or an expert? With Adobe Substance 3D and Autodesk 3Dsmax, you can turn whatever you've imagined in your head into your very own masterpiece.


Autodesk Product Design and Manufacturing Collection Vs Competitor Software

Dec - 05 - 2023

Considering trying other manufacturing software and are curious about the differences between Autodesk PDMC vs. your existing software?


VSTECS PHILS Appointed as Official Distributor of Nintendo Switch

Nov - 28 - 2023

Manila, Philippines, 28 November 2023– VSTECS Phils. Inc. the leading ICT distributor in the country, is delighted to announce its recent appointment as the official distributor of Nintendo Switch in the Philippines.


Autodesk Cyber week will be here soon. Get Ready to Save Annual Subscription

Nov - 24 - 2023

Autodesk Cyber week is back! Get huge discount on Autodesk AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT Annual Subscription. Inquire now!


Genius Ergo 8200S

Nov - 21 - 2023

Ergonomic Silent Wireless Silent Mouse


Autodesk Cyber week will be here soon. Get Ready to Save

Nov - 21 - 2023

Get Ready to Save on Selected Autodesk Software Products


Genius M920BT Superior TWS Bluetooth Earbuds

Nov - 17 - 2023

The USB Type-C charging case with LED light adds convenience and style.


Genius M905BT Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds

Nov - 14 - 2023

The Play/Pause Smart Touch Control White Light Purple Bluetooth Touch Control


AutoCAD Multipack Promotion - Actual Promo

Oct - 20 - 2023

October 16-20: Actual Promo


AutoCAD Multipack Promotion - Promo Teaser

Oct - 12 - 2023

October 12-15: Promo Teaser


Genius HS-22OU

Oct - 05 - 2023

Genius HS-22OU is a versatile USB headset designed to elevate your audio experience.


Genius LuxeMate Q8000

Sep - 29 - 2023

Genius LuxeMate Q8000 is a stylish wireless keyboard and mouse combo that enhances your computing experience


Genius SP-HF380BT

Sep - 26 - 2023

Genius SP-380BT Bluetooth Stereo Speakers with the new control box offer a wireless audio experience like no other.


Genius SP-HF180

Sep - 20 - 2023

Genius SP-HF180 USB Wooden Stereo Speakers blend timeless elegance with modern functionality.


Genius SP-Q160

Sep - 14 - 2023

Genius SP-Q160 Mini USB Speaker delivers an extraordinary audio experience with its crystal-clear sound effect.


Genius USB SoundBar 100

Sep - 08 - 2023

enius USB Soundbar 100 Mini Soundbar redefines your audio experience with its immersive sound effect.


NetApp Ransomware Recovery Guarantee

Sep - 07 - 2023

Run Your Business with Confidence


Genius USB SoundBar 200BT with RGB Lighting

Sep - 04 - 2023

Genius USB Soundbar 200 BT with RGB lighting is a stylish audio solution that combines powerful sound with dazzling visual effects


Formlabs 3D Printer

Aug - 15 - 2023

Formlabs 3D Printer - your gateway to precision and innovation. Harness the power of cutting-edge technology for rapid prototyping, high-quality end-use parts, and seamless manufacturing. With its user-friendly interface and top-notch performance, bring your boldest ideas to life with confidence.


Genius Slimstar 7230 Wireless Slim Keyboard

Aug - 14 - 2023

Genius Slimstar 7230 Wireless Slim Keyboard - where style meets efficiency. With its slim and clutter-free design, enjoy the freedom of wireless connectivity for a flexible workspace.


Genius SlimStar 126 Slim Multimedia Keyboard New White

Aug - 08 - 2023

Genius Slimstar 126 Slim Multimedia Keyboard - a perfect blend of style and functionality. Its sleek and slim design adds elegance to your workspace, while the multimedia function keys enable easy control of music, videos, and more. With comfortable and responsive keys, typing becomes a breeze, making it ideal for work, study, or leisure.


Genius HS-M910BT Bluetooth Earbuds with Noise Reduction

Aug - 02 - 2023

Genius HS-M910BT earbuds deliver exceptional high-quality audio with deep bass, all in a noise-reducing design for an immersive music experience. Using Bluetooth wireless technology, these earbuds allow you to enjoy music or handle calls wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, iPad, tablet PC, or music device.


Genius KM-8101 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Jul - 27 - 2023

Genius KM-8101 is a cutting-edge 2.4GHz wireless keyboard and mouse combo, providing seamless connectivity without the hassle of wires.


Genius SlimStar 8230 Wireless Bluetooth Combo

Jul - 26 - 2023

Slim, stylish, and hassle-free, this powerful duo will elevate your productivity to new heights with the Genius SlimStar 8230 Wireless Bluetooth Combo.


Kaspersky EDR Expert

Jul - 25 - 2023

Kaspersky EDR Expert uses a single agent that can be managed both from a cloud-based single management platform and from an offline console in air-gapped environments, leveraging threat intelligence and incorporating customizable detections.


Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response

Jul - 24 - 2023

Most security teams take an alert-driven approach to cybersecurity incidents, reacting only after an incident has already taken place. Meanwhile, new threats move in under the radar, leaving you with a false sense of security – literally. Businesses are increasingly recognizing the need to proactively hunt out threats lying undiscovered but still active within their corporate infrastructures.


Autodesk Product Design and Manufacturing Collection

Jul - 21 - 2023

Compare Autodesk PDMC and learn about the difference between the other Designs and Manufacturing


BIM Collaborate Pro Solutions Matrix

Jul - 21 - 2023

Look for smarter ways to manage data and streamline collaboration across your projects!


When to choose Maya or 3ds Max

Jul - 17 - 2023

Maya and 3ds Max are used by creative studios around the world for animation, modeling, visual effects, and rendering.


Genius FaceCam-2000X Full HD 1080P Webcam

Jun - 30 - 2023

Stunning Sharp, Clear Video Images - This latest FaceCam 2000X Webcam with full HD 1080p video quality and digital microphone is perfect for e-learning, video conferencing or video calls applications. Other features such as UVC (Plug & Play), and standard mount hole reserved for tripod.


Genius MousePen i608X 6"x8" Tablet with Cordless Mouse/Pen

Jun - 30 - 2023

Make handwriting notes/drawings efficiently in email, MSN, documents, or any application program


Genius FaceCam-1000X

Jun - 27 - 2023

Genius presents a new plug and play 720p HD webcam, FaceCam 1000X, which is great to use on a PC or notebook for video chatting. The 720p HD image quality provides a clearer video. FaceCam 1000X has a MIC built in that makes your voice distinct with HD video. In addition, it includes Arcsoft software MiVE which you can use under msn or skype to create face tracking, image effects for more fun.


Genius EasyPen i405X

Jun - 27 - 2023

New Pen Design for EasyPen i450X


Imou Bullet Series

May - 31 - 2023

Bullet series security cameras deliver everything you need in a home security camera.


Imou Cruiser Series

May - 15 - 2023

The Cruiser Series is always focused on the point.


AutoCAD Competitive Advantage

Apr - 19 - 2023

Find out what makes AutoCAD stand out against its competitors


NetApp AFF A Series

Mar - 28 - 2023

Leading the future of flash.


NetApp AFF C Series

Mar - 28 - 2023

Leading the way to a cloud-connected all-flash data center.


Reimagine your HPE ProLiant management experience

Mar - 27 - 2023

Eliminate complexity and speed your transformation with intuitive modern compute management with HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management.


CyberPower Energy-Saving Tower UPS

Mar - 09 - 2023

Designed for home and office applications.


Autodesk Flash Promo

Mar - 07 - 2023

Autodesk Flash Promo March 7 to 10, 2023


Rescue Live Lens Seamless Secure Camera Sharing with Zero Downloads

Feb - 13 - 2023

Discover endless opportunities to guide your customers and field teams



Feb - 02 - 2023

Meet the Intel 11th Gen Lenovo Business Laptop


Realizing Value from Digital Project Delivery

Jan - 18 - 2023

Real time collaboration accross distributed teams is critical but it should not be the only focus for firms undergoing digital transformation


Autodesk ShotGrid

Jan - 18 - 2023

Connect your design studio for faster feedback and streamlined processes


10 Reasons to Try Fusion 360

Dec - 21 - 2022

Fusion 360 combines industrial and mechanical design


Bring your Creative Visions to Life

Dec - 20 - 2022

Connect your design studio for faster feedback and streamlined proccesses with Autodesk Shortgrid


Digital Design Management Made Easy with Autodesk AEC

Dec - 20 - 2022

Know how Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro can digitally transform the AEC industry


Empower your team to do their best work with Surface and Intel

Dec - 06 - 2022

Make employee experience a priority—wherever they’re working—with a portfolio of devices that are versatile and optimized for flexible work.


VSTECS announces its appointment as the country distributor for Razer gaming peripherals

Dec - 06 - 2022

Let the games begin! Yesterday, we launched our distribution partnership with Razer™, the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers. Effective immediately, VSTECS is the country distributor of Razer gaming peripherals. Razer has designed and built the world’s largest gamer-focused ecosystem of hardware, software and services.


HP ZBook Power with HP Wolf Pro Security Edition

Dec - 02 - 2022

Simplify protection with a smart design


XENON Extreme Performance XP 1950g

Nov - 29 - 2022

Delivering excellent customer service is your mission, and providing lasting impressions for your loyal customers driven by fast, accurate, and friendly checkout experiences is critical.


Cyber Week Sale is Here

Nov - 24 - 2022

Save time with specialised toolsets | Save up to 25% off SRP* with Autodesk Cyber Week Sale


Cyber Week Sale is Coming

Nov - 21 - 2022

Save time with speacialised toolsets


VST ECS partners with ADVANCE AI as distributor to strengthen businesses anti fraud risk management in the Philippines

Oct - 11 - 2022

VST ECS a leading ICT distributor in the Philippines has been appointed sole distributor of ADVANCE AIs eKYC fraud and risk management solutions in the country


Fusion 360 - your tool for collaborative product development

Oct - 07 - 2022

Unify design, engineering, electronics, and manufacturing with Fusion 360


See how 3ds Max has evolved

Oct - 07 - 2022

3ds Max brings modern solutions so you can realize your creative ambitions.


Autodesk AEC: Solutions for roads and highways

Sep - 16 - 2022

Create intelligent, structured data attached to a digital model to support each stage of a road or highway project.


Aruba Instant On 1430 Switch Series

Aug - 01 - 2022

Unmanaged switches designed for small business


1430: A new no-nonsense SMB switch by Aruba

Aug - 01 - 2022

Simple, reliable, and low-cost switches for small offices and home offices


Small Business Networks: Upgrading to Aruba Instant On 1430

Aug - 01 - 2022

Aruba Instant On 1430 Switch Series is a modern plug-and-play solution for small businesses looking for simple, reliable, and low-cost network connectivity.


AutoCAD 2023 Released: New Features and Changes

Jul - 29 - 2022

Learn about new features in this release of AutoCAD 2023.


Save Money with Autodesk Deal Days

Jul - 11 - 2022

Save time with specialised toolsets, get great discount with Autodesk Deal Days


Save the Date: Something is Coming

Jul - 07 - 2022

Save time with specialised toolsets, save money with Autodesk Deal Days


Dell EMC PowerEdge and OpenManage: Intelligent Collaboration

Jul - 01 - 2022

Build your business while helping customers to drive innovation in theirs.


Dell Latitude 9510 The PC that knows you

Jul - 01 - 2022

Embrace the hyper connected future with Dell Latitude 9510


Dell Latitude 9520: Sleek sturdy and ready for business

Jul - 01 - 2022

Your smallest and lightest PC that is portable desktop alternative


Work smarter to achieve better business outcomes with BIM

Jun - 13 - 2022

Start your digital transformation with Building Information Modeling (BIM)


Fusion 360: Cloud-based software for your product development process

Jun - 13 - 2022

Unify design, engineering, electronics, and manufacturing with Fusion 360


Autodesk 3ds Max: Taking speed and security one step further

Jun - 13 - 2022

Create big game worlds, stunning scenes for visualization, and engaging virtual reality experiences with Autodesk 3ds Max.


Poly Audio and Video Solutions for Criminal Justice

Jun - 07 - 2022

Poly offers solutions that can help create a safe, productive environment while keeping the wheels of justice moving. For years, our solutions have been used in almost every aspect of the justice system. From remote arraignments, to lawyer-defendant communications, remote trial proceedings to remote visitation and telemedicine.


Save Money with Autodesk Flash Promotion

Jun - 06 - 2022

Save time with specialised toolsets


AutoCAD 2023 Unveiled: Experience Deeper Insights Collaboration and Automation

Apr - 24 - 2022

Explore the newest features in AutoCAD® 2023 software, including industry-specific toolsets, new automations, and seamless connections across devices and Autodesk products.


3DsMax: Create massive worlds and high-quality designs

Apr - 19 - 2022

Model and render in stunning 3D


acerpure - List of Stores

Apr - 07 - 2022

Breathe clean air with acerpure, the new line of smart air purifier solutions from Acer now available in the following stores:


Architecture Engineering and Construction Collection

Apr - 07 - 2022

Learn why general contractors are moving to BIM.


Poly Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows

Apr - 01 - 2022

Poly Studio Room Kits for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows deliver a simple, clutter free user experience with brilliant video and audio features for focus rooms all the way up to large boardrooms.


Aruba EdgeConnect Extra Large

Mar - 24 - 2022

1 U rack-mountable platform that serves to build an SD-WAN fabric using zero touch provisioning.


Aruba EdgeConnect Large

Mar - 21 - 2022

A 1 U rack-mountable platform that serves to build an SD-WAN fabric using zero touch provisioning.


RealMe Pad

Mar - 18 - 2022

Designed to Entertain.


Aruba EdgeConnect Medium

Mar - 17 - 2022

A 1 U rack-mountable platform that serves to build an SD-WAN fabric using zero touch provisioning.


Simplify your networking infrastructure with Aruba ESP

Mar - 16 - 2022

Discover how to solve the key management, security, and support challenges when corporate networking comes home.


RealMe Pad

Mar - 14 - 2022

Designed to Entertain


Aruba EdgeConnect Small

Mar - 11 - 2022

A compact form factor thin edge appliance that serves to build an SD-WAN fabric using zero touch provisioning.


Aruba EdgeConnect Extra Small

Mar - 08 - 2022

A very compact form factor thin edge appliance that serves to build an SD-WAN fabric using zero touch provisioning.


Aruba EdgeConnect Ultra Small

Mar - 07 - 2022

An ultra-compact form factor, thin edge appliance that serves to build an SD-WAN fabric using zero touch provisioning.


Aruba EdgeConnect

Feb - 28 - 2022

Aruba EdgeConnect powers a self-driving WAN for cloud-first enterprises. Built for today’s edge-to-cloud enterprise, EdgeConnect delivers the highest quality of experience for users and IT, no matter where applications reside.


Aruba Instant On 1830 Switch Series: Affordable. Easy to Deploy. Smart Managed.

Feb - 22 - 2022

Entry-level, smart-managed switches designed for small business


APC Back-UPS 625 - BX625CI-MS

Feb - 11 - 2022

Battery Backup with Surge Protection for Electronics and Computers


PD45 Industrial Label Printer

Feb - 09 - 2022

The PD45 is Honeywell’s new commercial grade industrial printer, which is suited for manufacturing, retail, transportation and logistics, health care, and government applications.


Honeywell CT45 XP and CT45 Family of Rugged Mobile Computers

Feb - 07 - 2022

All-purpose productivity tools ensuring ultra reliable performance, data connectivity and communications for frontline mobile workers in retail, logistics and fieldwork.


APC Back-UPS Pro Premium Power Protection

Jan - 29 - 2022

The new Back-UPS Pro models are equipped with premium features including increased runtime and power capability for your critical electronics.


LG One: Quick Flex 43HT3WJ

Jan - 28 - 2022

All-in-One Display for Effective Collaboration


LG One: Quick Works 55CT5WJ

Jan - 18 - 2022

All-in-One Video Conferencing Display for Maximum Productivity


Dell Precision Mobile Workstations

Jan - 18 - 2022

Best performance and reliability


The Honeywell PM45 Series Industrial Printer

Jan - 12 - 2022

Built on the Honeywell print platform, the durable PM45 printer offers print speeds of up to 14 ips. With print registration of up to +/-0.5 mm, the PM45 printer can ensure high print quality of barcodes, texts, and images, even on small electronic component and pharmaceutical labels


Honeywell CT40 HC Mobile Computer

Apr - 15 - 2021

In an environment where every second counts, the CT40 HC device is designed to make nursing and other patient care workflows faster, easier and more productive



D-Link partners with VST ECS to drive innovation, network solutions

May - 06 - 2024

MANILA, Philippines — Networking solutions provider D-Link and IT distributor VST ECS announced their distribution agreement recently.


VSTECS Appointed Authorized Distributor of Menlo Security in the Philippines

Feb - 07 - 2024

VSTECS, a leading technology distribution company, is proud to announce its distributorship of Menlo Security in the Philippines. This strategic partnership aims to address the pressing challenges surrounding browser security, a critical aspect in today’s digital landscape.


VSTECS is the official distributor of Menlo Security in PH

Feb - 07 - 2024

VSTECS, a leading technology distribution company, has been named as the official distributor of Menlo Security in the Philippines. This collaboration is geared toward tackling the critical challenges surrounding browser security, an increasingly vital aspect in today’s digital environment.


Menlo Security appoints VST-ECS as PH distributor

Feb - 07 - 2024

Technology distribution company VST-ECS has announced its appointment as authorized distributor of Menlo Security in the Philippines.


Huawei eKit aims to accelerate SME digital transformation

Jan - 30 - 2024

Huawei Philippines, together with its partner VST ECS Philippines Inc., recently launched Huawei eKit, a digital solution geared toward expediting the digital transformation for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and end-users.


Sunra Miku Super Robo s and Hawk eMotorcycles now in the Philippines

Jan - 17 - 2024

The eMotorcycle, more popularly known as the Electric Motorcycle, gained a lot of attention last year with the rising interest in electric vehicles in the Philippines. We have the likes of Honda e:, Gogoro, Niu, and many more.


VSTECS PHILS crowned as the Nintendo Switch official distributor in the Philippines

Nov - 29 - 2023

Manila, Philippines, 28 November 2023– VSTECS Phils. Inc. the leading ICT distributor in the country, is delighted to announce its recent appointment as the official distributor of Nintendo Switch in the Philippines.


Tech summit highlights cybersecurity amidst digital transformation

Oct - 24 - 2023

VST ECS Phils., Inc. successfully concluded the CXO Tech Summit 2023, which took place from October 18 to 21 at the Dusit Thani Hotel in Mactan, Cebu. With the theme “Digital Transformation: Growth and Resilient Cybersecurity,” the annual conference highlighted the need for a resilient cybersecurity approach as businesses embrace digital transformation and hybrid work setups.


DICT applauds VSTECS Phils initiatives in bringing together IT leaders and stakeholders for the CXO Tech Summit

Oct - 22 - 2023

In preparation for the national government’s ICT agenda, the DICT (Department of Information and Communications Technology) announced the launch of the department’s strategies, which will include course initiatives in relation to digital connectivity, digital transformation, digital inclusivity, resiliency, and sustainability, as well as strategic partnerships that will contribute to the Philippines’ development agenda and its role in the global digital economy.


Commvault aims to help enterprises achieve cyber resiliency

Oct - 22 - 2023

Commvault, a data protection and data management software company, is looking at enabling more companies to safeguard their data with its solutions and services. On the sidelines of the recently concluded VSTECS CXO Tech Summit held on Oct. 18-20 in Mactan, Cebu, Martin Creighan, VP for Asia Pacific at Commvault, told Back End News that organizations in the country, especially those with critical infrastructure, should revisit their data protection and backup strategies.


PH tech industry to continue surge in 2024

Oct - 19 - 2023

Jimmy Go, president and CEO of VST ECS. The Philippine information technology (IT) industry will continue to surge next year driven by investments in data centers in Metro Manila, Rizal, and Cebu, among other areas.


VST ECS CXO Tech Summit 2023 Highlights Digital Transformation Challenges And Opportunities

Oct - 19 - 2023

VST ECS CXO Tech Summit 2023, which is being held at Dusit Thani Mactan Cebu from October 18 to 21, 2023, brings together Chief Information Officers, industry leaders, technology experts, and professionals from various sectors across the country to learn more about the ever-evolving landscape of technology and the critical role it plays in our world today. Source :


Navigating the Digital Frontier: Insights from the 6th VSTECS CXO Tech Summit 2023

Oct - 18 - 2023

In a dynamic landscape marked by ever-evolving technology, VSTECS Philippines, Inc. President and CEO, Jimmy D. Go, welcomed a distinguished gathering of technology companies, IT leaders, CIOs, and end users to the 6th VSTECS CXO Tech Summit 2023. Hosted in the Grand Ballroom of the Dusit Thani Mactan Cebu from October 18-21, 2023, this year’s event shed light on the crucial intersections of innovation, cybersecurity, and digital transformation.


VST ECS Phils. Unites ICT Industry Leaders and Experts for CXO Tech Summit 2023

Oct - 18 - 2023

VST ECS Phils. Inc., the country’s leading information and communication technologies (ICT) distributor, holds its most anticipated CXO Tech Summit 2023 bringing together key industry leaders, technology experts, and professionals. The 3-day conference will run from October 18 to 20, 2023 at the Dusit Thani Mactan in Cebu City. This year’s event revolves around the theme “Empowering Growth Through Digital Transformation and Robust Cybersecurity.”


VSTECS named exclusive distributor for Seagate’s enterprise data storage in PH

Sep - 26 - 2023

VSTECS Phils. Inc. (VSTECS) is now the official exclusive distributor in the Philippines for Seagate Technology, a global leader in mass-capacity data storage solutions, specifically for its enterprise data storage systems portfolio.


BIZ SOLUTIONSVSTECS chosen as exclusive distributor for Seagate Technology’s enterprise data storage systems in PH

Sep - 26 - 2023

VSTECS Phils. Inc. is proud to announce its recent appointment as the exclusive distributor in the Phillippines for Seagate Technology, a global leader in mass-capacity data storage solutions, for its enterprise data storage systems portfolio. With the new distribution agreement, VSTECS will be offering Seagate Exos CORVAULT, Seagate Exos X advanced storage arrays, Exos JBOD systems and expansion shelves, Exos AP storage servers.


VSTECS Philippines onboards Palo Alto Networks | Buzz Capital – Your Daily News Portal

Sep - 11 - 2023

VSTECS Phils. Inc., the leading ICT distributor in the nation, declared that Palo Alto Networks has joined its distribution network, further bolstering its offering of cybersecurity products.


VSTECS achieves ISO 9001 Certification

Aug - 17 - 2023

VSTECS has consistently aimed to exceed customer expectations, meet customer requirements, and deliver top-notch solutions to its valued clients. The ISO 9001 Certification serves as a testament to its commitment to providing exceptional products and services, meeting stringent quality standards, and continuously improving its internal processes.


VSTECS celebrates 25th year anniversary with a gala event

Jun - 07 - 2023

VSTECS Phils., Inc., the leading distributor of innovative ICT solutions in the country, commemorates its 25th Year Anniversary with an extravagant gala event marked by a lavish gourmet sit-down dinner, breathtaking production numbers, and grandiose setup. Held on May 10 at the luxurious Shangri-La The Fort Hotel in Taguig City.


Latest technologies partnerships essential says Go at VSTECS 25th anniversary gala event

Jun - 03 - 2023

VSTECS Phils. Inc., the leading distributor of innovative ICT solutions in the country, commemorated its 25th Year Anniversary with an extravagant gala event marked by a lavish gourmet sit-down dinner, breathtaking production numbers, and a grandiose set-up.


The VST ECS Philippines President and CEO says perseverance and hard work are crucial for any entrepreneur to grow their business.

May - 29 - 2023

There’s little time for rest when you’re as driven as Jimmy Go to keep your business on top. The VST ECS Philippines President and CEO says perseverance and hard work are crucial for any entrepreneur to grow their business.


Xencelabs unveils new Pen Display 24 Studio Series

Apr - 21 - 2023

Xencelabs Technologies Ltd. is giving artists a new creative choice with its Pen Display 24 Studio Series. The new drawing display joins the company's full line of professional digital design tools including its Pen Tablet Medium, Pen Tablet Small, and the Quick Keys customizable remote creating a comprehensive portfolio of professional drawing tools available for creative communities worldwide.


Allied Telesis appoints VST ECS Phils. as country distributor

Mar - 21 - 2023

Allied Telesis, a global leader in connectivity solutions and intelligent networking tools announces the appointment of VST ECS Phils., as its premium distributor for its networking and security solutions including switches, routers.


Adobe Video and 3D Technologies take center stage at the 2023 Oscars

Mar - 13 - 2023

We are so proud to share that 10 Oscar 2023-nominated films, including Best Picture winner Everything Everywhere All At Once, Best Documentary Feature winner Navalny and nominees Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Top Gun: Maverick, trusted Adobe Creative Cloud to bring their stories to life.


Zoom names VST ECS Phils. as distribution partner in PH

Feb - 17 - 2023

Leading ICT distributor VST ECS Phils. Inc. has been named as the distribution partner of Zoom Video Communications Inc. in the Philippines.


FiberHome Appoints VSTECS Phils. as Country Distributor

Jan - 28 - 2023

VSTECS Phils FiberHome Telecommunications Technologies Co., Ltd., an information and communications network products and solutions provider announces the appointment of VSTECS Phils., Inc. as its Philippine distributor for its indoor and outdoor cabling solutions, data center cabling solutions, switches and network campus solutions, server and HPC (hyperconverged) solutions, and smart city solutions.


IDC Business Value of Nutanix Cloud Platform

Jan - 25 - 2023

IDC surveyed organizations about their experiences with Nutanix Cloud Platform versus their previous approach to infrastructure, then quantified the differences. This IDC white paper shares details that you can use to understand the improvements in agility, efficiency, scalability, and availability that come with using Nutanix solutions built on hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI).


CXO Innovation Summit Aruba calls for network modernization among PH enterprises

Dec - 08 - 2022

The modernization of legacy networks was a crucial step during the pandemic when enterprises were still unfamiliar to the remote connectivity needs demanded by the work-from-home and hybrid work, Aruba regional category manager Tan Kwong Hui said in an exclusive interview with Newsbytes.PH at the flagship user-vendor conference of local ICT distributor VST ECS.


VST ECS inks distributorship deal with Xencelabs and Ugee

Sep - 04 - 2022

Local tech distributor VST ECS Philippines has partnered with Xencelabs and Ugee, a global organization providing digital drawing solutions for creative professionals y.


VST ECS intensifies security portfolio with CyberArk

Apr - 26 - 2022

As the global leader in Identity Security, CyberArk offers the most comprehensive Identity Security Platform to secure and protect human and machine identities. Centered on privileged access management, the CyberArk Identity Security Platform provides customers with a unified and holistic approach to securing access for any users, across any type of application or system, from any environment, using any device.


Keeping pace with HPE Superdome Flex Server

Apr - 22 - 2022

The combined portfolio of HPE and SGI extends HPE’s capability and leadership in data analytics and high-performance computing spaces. Recognized as two of the most powerful x86 servers in the industry, one in enterprise data centers and the other in science and data engineering applications, Superdome Flex Server marries the best of both systems allowing enterprises of any size to process and analyze massive amounts of data.


Great men embrace the habit of taking action

Mar - 24 - 2022

Sometimes it takes a crisis to truly appreciate the value of a man who lives by the very definition of a leader.


VSTECS Expands Portfolio with Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN Edge Platform to Empower Organizations to Shift to Business-First Networking Model

Feb - 09 - 2022

VSTECS Phils. Inc. today announced its appointment as a distributor of the Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform (formerly SilverPeak). EdgeConnect SD-WAN solutions will enable organizations to shift to a business-first networking model.


VSTECS becomes first Amazon Web Services distributor in Phil

Jan - 31 - 2022

VSTECS, Phils. Inc., a leading ICT distributor in the country, has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Distribution Program in the Philippines as an AWS Distributor. VSTECS, Phils. Inc. will offer AWS’s portfolio of highly scalable and cost-effective cloud services to technology and system integration partners in the country, helping them access and use AWS capabilities, resell solutions, and expand customer reach, locally and globally.


VSTECS inks distribution agreement with H3C to beef up its networking portfolio

Jun - 01 - 2021

With more and more people getting connected, there is a tremendous pressure to deploy reliable and robust networking infrastructure. This has become imperative to support the massive and abrupt shift to work from home arrangements, online learning, telemedicine, e-commerce, and social media use.


TCL Philippines launches premium smartphones in PH

Apr - 23 - 2021

TCL Philippines and VST-ECS welcomed the arrival of two TCL-powered smartphones into the PH market.


TCL 10 5G smartphone debuts

Apr - 17 - 2021

TCL Philippines has established itself as a value-for-money brand when it comes to televisions. This week, it officially debuted in the Philippine market its line of affordable but feature-laden smartphones.


TCL 10 5G: The Next Generation Mobile - Expanding Technology and Retaining Affordability

Apr - 16 - 2021

TCL Philippines, in partnership with VST ECS, is officially debuting one of its latest TCL-branded smartphone: the TCL 10 5G. This premium, yet affordable Android device will leverage the company’s self-curated visual technology called NXTVISION. This mobile phone is also a 5G-capable model, with improved imaging, and refined battery life.


TCL Philippines partners with VSTECS Phils

Apr - 16 - 2021

TCL Philippines together with VSTECS Phils. Inc – one of the leading ICT distribution companies in the country, aim to bring a new wave and vast range of affordable TCL smartphones, tablets, and audio devices to the Filipino market.


Dell Latitude laptops feature Intel’s 11th Gen Processors

Apr - 15 - 2021

Powered by latest 11th Gen Intel Core vPro processors, the Dell Latitude 7420 and 5420 set a new standard in performance for business laptops.


The new 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors power latest line of HP premium notebooks

Apr - 14 - 2021

Powered with the new 11th Gen Inter Processor, these devices provides you an ideal balance between performance and design that suits your computing needs.


VSTECS Philippines becomes Alibaba Cloud's Distribution Partner

Mar - 17 - 2021

Tech distributor VSTECS Philippines has recently entered a distribution partnership with Alibaba Cloud, the digital intelligence and technology backbone of Alibaba Group, to offer cloud computing products and services in the Philippines.


Lenovo beefs up WFH management offerings with VST-ECS and FileWave partnership

Mar - 12 - 2021

Global tech innovator Lenovo signed a partnership agreement with ICT distribution leader VST-ECS and mobile device management (MDM) software company FileWave to drive digital transformation among local organizations and help upgrade their work-from-home teams.


Union Bank and Informatica winners in Ventana Research’s 13th Annual Digital Leadership Awards

Jan - 20 - 2021

Union Bank of the Philippines has been named, in collaboration with Informatica the winner of Ventana Research 13th Annual Digital Leadership Award for Customer Service Experience. As part of Informatica’s go to market strategy to ensure faster deployment of solutions, and assist local companies in their digital transformation journey, Informatica has appointed VSTECS Phils. Inc. as its authorized country distributor.


Why Intelligent Document Capture Matters Now More Than Ever

Oct - 23 - 2020

New scanners and software from Kodak Alaris deliver fast, efficient image processing and intelligent data extraction, reducing time to convert documents into business-critical information.


VST ECS Phils Inc is Commvault sole distributor

Sep - 16 - 2020

Jimmy Go, president and CEO of VST ECS Phils Inc. welcomed the company’s designation by Commvault as its sole distributor in the Philippines.


Commvault names VST ECS as exclusive distributor for PH

Sep - 14 - 2020

US-based tech firm Commvault has announced the appointment of VST ECS Philippines as the sole distributor for the Philippines, and its sister firm VSTECS Pericomp as the distributor for Malaysia.


Kodak Alaris joins forces with the Philippines largest ICT distributor

Sep - 09 - 2020

Kodak Alaris today announced a distribution agreement with VST ECS Phils., Inc., the leading distributor of Information & Communications Technology products, solutions, and services for retail, commercial and enterprise markets in the Philippines.


VST ECS Phils. inks new distribution agreement for Diamanti solutions

Jul - 27 - 2020

Purpose-built container platform company Diamanti Inc. has appointed local ICT distribution leader VST ECS Phils., Inc. as its newest distributor with the aim to establish its presence in the local market through the distributor’s expansive channel network.


Review | Ezviz C2C Mini O Plus Wi-Fi camera

May - 05 - 2019

The PC video camera scene has been a largely boring space — be it webcams or security cameras. While there have been some advancements worth mentioning such as Intel’s RealSense tech, they have been few and far apart. In this rather grey landscape arrives the Ezviz C2C Mini O Plus Wi-Fi camera. Let’s give it a quick whirl, and see how it fares.


Hitachi Vantara unveils VSP G130 Entry-Level Storage Solution

Apr - 10 - 2019

Hitachi Vantara recently launched its latest midrange storage array to help organizations extract maximum value from their applications, consolidate workloads with minimal investment, and provide huge performance in the smallest footprint possible.


Genius Reintroduces Keyboard for Smart Generation

Apr - 02 - 2019

Keyboards are probably the most important tool in one’s desk set. Whether you’re a student who needs to flick back and forth between the pages of a research paper, a professional who spends most of the workday typing reports, a creative sort who has to craft pitches on a daily basis, or an artist who tends to switch constantly between creative apps, none is more important than a comfortable and reliable keyboard that gets the job done.


Modernize your data center with Hitachi’s agile storage infrastructure

Apr - 01 - 2019

The massive growth of data demands companies to adopt storage solutions that can extract maximum value from their applications, consolidate workloads with minimal investment and provide huge performance in the smallest footprint possible. At the same time, it is critical that these solutions support cloud strategies and are simple to implement and use while delivering enterprise reliability and operational simplicity.


VST ECS is Riverbed Technology’s new PH distributor

Mar - 30 - 2019

Riverbed Technology appoints VST ECS Phils., Inc., (formerly MSI-ECS Phils., Inc) as its strategic distribution partner. This partnership cements VST ECS’s appointment as Riverbed’s local distributor and will help strengthen Riverbed’s presence in the local market.The Digital Performance company aims to accelerate the growth of Digital Experience Management and Next-Generation Networking solutions in the region.


VST-ECS appointed as Riverbed Technology’s new PH distributor

Feb - 15 - 2019

Riverbed Technology, The Digital Performance Company, announced on Tuesday that it has signed a strategic distribution partnership with local ICT distribution powerhouse VST ECS Phils., Inc., (formerly MSI-ECS Phils., Inc) in a bid to strengthen its local market presence and accelerate growth for its portfolio of Digital Experience Management and Next-Generation Networking solutions in the region.


Huawei OceanStor Dorado V3 Series all-flash storage first to fully support NVMe architecture

Feb - 08 - 2019

Leading Chinese equipment vendor Huawei Technologies recently announced that its OceanStor Dorado V3 series all-flash storage is the first to fully support the Non-Volatile Memory express (NVMe) architecture which can help speed up the digital transformation of enterprises by providing them with extraordinary storage performance and reliability.


Huawei rolls out first all-flash storage to support NVMe architecture

Feb - 07 - 2019

Chinese equipment vendor Huawei Technologies recently announced that its OceanStor Dorado V3 series all-flash storage is the first to fully support the Non-Volatile Memory express (NVMe) architecture. As the industry’s only all-flash storage series that fully implements the NVMe architecture, the Huawei OceanStor Dorado V3 can support both NVMe and SAS SSDs in one system.


MSI-ECS Expands ICT Learning Platform: Offers New Course

Jan - 18 - 2019

MSI-ECS Philippines Inc., expands its education platform MSI-ECS Education with its appointment of Huawei, Hortonworks, and Pivotal as new learning partners. Through this academic partnership, MSI-ECS Education now offers trainings and certification courses in big data solutions, cloud-native adoption, networking, datacenter, containers, and microservices technologies. These will equip ICT professionals with skills that will make them more competent in this digital era.


MSI-ECS to offer ICT training courses

Jan - 14 - 2019

To accommodate the growing appetite for digital technologies, MSI-ECS Philippines Inc. opens new training courses to provide the most advanced ICT platform and training skills upgrade for local ICT professionals.


Key Takeaways from the First CXO Innovation Summit

Nov - 14 - 2018

The first CXO Innovation Summit, mounted by leading IT distributor MSI-ECS, gathered company CXOs–including CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs, and managers–across industries with the goal of helping them in their digital transformation journey.


Efficient data management needed as digital universe nears 20 trillion GB

Nov - 12 - 2018

Tech leaders present potential business solutions at MSI's CXO Innovation Summit as the information age's data explosion continues.


DJI Mavic 2 review: New drones feature Hasselblad camera Hitchcock effect

Oct - 01 - 2018

Two of the hottest portable camera drones have just been launched in the Philippines. After their international debut last month, DJI launched the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom. Designed for professionals, aerial photographers, videographers and content creators, DJI said the Mavic 2s are the most advanced camera drones they’ve built with a host of intelligent features. Travel bloggers, vloggers and tech journalists got to briefly pilot the drones during the recent launch held by DJI in collaboration with ICT distributor MSI-ECS Philippines to test out its new features.


DJIs new P98000 drone will take epic shots of your car club EB

Sep - 18 - 2018

There was a time when DSLR cameras were the 'it' gadget to bring to trips. You were cool when you posted crisp photos, bokehs, and sharp photos using a filter. Now, in between boomerang and superzooms that last 24 hours on your profile, drones are the new must-haves to make your feed stand out.


MSI-ECS offers new training courses to expand ICT learning platform

Jan - 12 - 2018

As more local enterprises develop a growing appetite for digital technologies, country’s largest distributor MSI-ECS Philippines Inc., hopes to complement this growth by expanding its education platform with the main goal of providing the most advanced ICT platform and training skills upgrade for local ICT professionals.



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